Karate Master Knock Down Blow


Become the karate champion of the world


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Karate Master Knock Down Blow is a beat 'em up set in the world of Karate that, along with giving you a full range of moves to fight off your opponents, also includes aspects of management and adventure in order to train your fighter and learn new techniques from your master.

The games main screen presents you with a number of different game options, you can practice your skills in the dojo, take part in combat matches and official competitions, or undertake special training to improve your fighters attributes. This special training ranges from standing under a waterfall wile breaking tiles with your bare hands, to putting out candles with the wind generated by speedy punches. All this makes your fighter stronger, helping you in the official combat matches.

The nucleus of the game lies in the combat, which is made especially entertaining by the sheer number of moves you have at your disposal. There are four attack buttons (two punch and two kick), which can be combined to carry out all manner of attacks.

Karate Master Knock Down Blow is an excellent Karate game. It not only has a wide variety of scenarios and an interesting story mode (where you can choose from two different characters), but it also counts on a truly in-depth and engaging combat system.
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